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August 21, 2018

The 10 Best Apple Watch Apps to Buy in 2018

For many in New Zealand, the Apple Watch happens to be the "go-to" when it comes to smartwatches. And this doesn't occur without good reason, the use of the Apple Watch in New Zealand accomplishes so much more than just telling you the time. They are basically small computers on wrists, helping us do what we want whenever we want!

The Apple Watch gets its own unique set of apps that you can download and use during your day to day activities. Here at OzStraps New Zealand we definitely have the Apple Watch bands to match how you use your Apple Watch, but there is also a software side of things that is also extremely important. In any case we thought it would be important to cover so that you know how to get the best from your Apple Watch!

Here are our top 10 Apple watch apps that we think would go nicely with your fancy new Apple Watch band in 2018 :)


Things Apple Watch Apps OzStraps New ZealandThings Apple Watch Apps OzStraps New Zealand WatchOS

Everyone craves a task manager that helps them throughout the day. Things is one such application that has made its way into millions of iPhones because of how simple it makes managing your tasks. What makes it even better now is that there is Apple Watch compatibility, so by simply installing Things on your Apple Watch you can now make managing tasks even simpler on the go!


Overcast Apple Watch App Apps OzStraps New Zealand WatchOS

Happen to be a fan of podcasts? Overcast allows you to toggle the podcasts on your iPhone through your Apple Watch. Control them, rearrange them, and now sync the downloaded podcasts as well. Overcast allows you immediate access to  your entire library on your wrist!

Dark Sky

Dark Sky Apple Watch Weather Apps Apple WatchOS OzStraps New Zealand NZ

Knowing the weather forecast is a key part of your day (no one likes to be rained on in New Zealand!). Who knows when it might change and what might happen. Download Dark Sky on your Apple watch so that you know whether or not you'll be needing that umbrella before you leave :)


Spark Apple Watch Email App Apps OzStraps New Zealand NZ

The favorite email application of many iPhone users, Spark has now made its way to Apple watches as well. Manage your emails on your wrist and get updates without having to look at your phone. James Bond come at me!

Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit Apple Watch App Apps OzStraps New Zealand NZ Watch OS

Have a small robot scream at you about your daily fitness schedule from your wrist, no need for a personal trainer! Carrot Fit keeps you active and serves as a great fitness app filled to the brim with personality. Give it a shot! it might just motivate you to become more active :)


Waterminder Apple Watch App WatchOS OzStraps New Zealand NZ

Coupled with your other fitness apps, WaterMinder keeps a check on the amount of water you have inside you. It helps you plan your fitness routines on the go and not worry about dehydration. Just make sure you don't drink too much water, thats not good either :)


AutoSleep Apple Watch Apps WatchOS OzStraps New Zealand NZ

Have trouble sleeping and can’t get a sleeping schedule? Get Autosleep to help track how much you sleep and use its functions to find out the quality of your sleep.

Just Press Record

Just Press It Apple Watch Apps OzStraps New Zealand NZ

Having to take your phone out every single time you want to record something is quite the hassle. Keep it simple by using Just Press Record on your Apple watch band and record on the go with your Apple Watch in New Zealand. Just make sure you don't use it for any dodgy activities!


Fantastical Apple Watch Apple OzStraps NZ New Zealand

Having a schedule for the next few months is the perfect way to keep yourself organized and on your toes for whatever is coming next. Get Fantastical on your iPhone and Apple watch and constantly update, optimise, and synchronize your schedule on the go.


1Password Apple Watch App OzStraps NZ New Zealand

We use so many applications and services every single day. It gets hard to keep a track of all the passwords when there are so many (make sure you aren't like one of our lazy staff here at OzStraps NZ who uses the same password for everything). With 1Password, you can keep track of all your passwords with a simple glance at your arm!

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